Joshuakim's WebSite

This is my website for computer science 1. We
are learning C#. C# is for making Widows apps. This
is my first year of programming. Some day I want to
take computer science at UCLA and then work at Google.



In this project we used buttons to show how to say goodbye in different languages.

Computer Science 1

Help Page


In this project we created a logo and designed a help page.

Computer Science 1

Mailing Label


In this project we used textboxes and labels to put in mailing information.

Computer Science 1

Car Rental


In this project we used radio buttons to pick what car you wanted.

Computer Science 1

BMI Calculator


In this project it translates the height and weight it to BMI.

Computer Science 1

Car Rental 2


In this project we updated the car rental and added more cars to the program.

Computer Science 1

Test Score Calculator


In this project it calculates the letter grade of two tests.

Computer Science 1

Dice Program


In this project two dice are rolled and the probability is calculated.

Computer Science 1

Dice Game of Craps


This project simulates the game of craps. Can you win?

Computer Science 1

Slot Machine


This project simulates a slot machine.

Computer Science 1

T-Shirt Sales


This project simulates a T-shirt shop. Shirts that come in varius sizes and styles.